Work in In progress – The new ‘Floor long chair’ and Venturi stool painting techniques

Some new objects are materialising… working with Rob Edkins our favorite production partner on some new painting techniques… blending and playing and the end coatings will take Bentley for a walk ; )

This is the first time we are showing process images of the new ‘Floor long chair’ although this design was in sketching process for some years. Its form is subtile and balanced, the curves are functional and running long.

Some curves are at the outline and some are within the highlights, when traveling on this object surface, your eyes will be searching around, looking for an anchor point… there is no one straight line in this object design. it touches the floor at only three small points.

Assa_Ashuach_Floor_IMG_5561 Assa_Ashuach_Floor_IMG_5563 Assa_Ashuach_Floor_IMG_5582 Assa_Ashuach_Venturi_process_IMG_5506 Assa_Ashuach_Venturi_process_IMG_5529 Assa_Ashuach_Venturi_process_IMG_5532


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