User informed objects – Hi vs Ai, Assa’s talk at Victoria & Albert museum orgenised by RCA reaseach

We should own less but with more value – Objects we own need to perform better for usI will discuss:

1, A technology to enable user input into objects. online at the virtual phase, where objects are ‘alive’ and can be reconfigured and personalised to achieve a better value and fit.

2, Retail workflow, design freedoms Vs cost optimisations. local manufacturing horison, logistics and supply chain within this digital environment

3, Hi Vs Ai – Human intelligence Vs software automation, where can design process be automated and wear do we must have human check points or creative intervetions

Join us February Saturday 23rd 2016 at the victoria & Albert Museum LondonRedistributed Manufacturing research at the RCA

V&A Event link

Images of Support Sitting – working progress by Assa Ashuach





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