UCODO.com is coming soon…

UCODO stands for ‘User
Co-Designed Object’ and gets its name from our notion of ODOs (‘Original Design
Objects’) and CODOs  (‘Co-Designed
Objects’) which are the heart and soul of UCODO.

2010 will be an exciting year for UCODO, a revolutionary
platform which is set to democratise design. After much anticipation, the site
will go live early in the New Year. We would like to appologise for the delay to those of you who are as impatient as we are to see the site go live. We had some
exciting improvements that we felt were really necessary for you to enjoy the
UCODO experience even more at launch, so our team is hard at work.

 Early in the new year, UCODO  will offer you the freedom to
customise and co-design your very own bespoke products online with no prior
knowledge in structural design. You can let your creativity flourish with the
comfort of knowing that the UCODO team are by your side as you design.

GO TO www.ucodo.com

UCODO greetings 2010

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