The Osteon chair, one of the first large scale AM / 3D printed chairs

The Osteon chair was the first object to be produced with an internal optimised support structure, something that today is called ‘infill’. Designed in 2004 and produced in 2005 the Osteon chair is of historical significance as it was the first time an object’s internal porosity was designed and optimised to achieve a material reduction of two third of the anticipated material needs, using a combination of 3D tools and artificial intelligence. Produced by EOS laser sintering, the chair consists of a cosmetic skin and an internal structure developed by an artificial intelligence software that knows where to create the necessary support. | With thanks to my buisness partner Sia Mahadavi, formally Complex Matters, today Withn Autodesk and to our Sposors EOS | The Osteon chair is part of the Design Museum Barcelona permanent collection. See more images at our Studio section here

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