The New Floor long chair – work in progress Assa Ashuach Studio

First images of the new Floor long chair. This object touches the floor only at three small points. its curves are Infinite, forming a one self supported surface. This new edition will be using new colour mixing and blending made by Assa to higlight this object surface and makeing it blending and modifying its surroundings

Assa_Ashuach_at_2D3DIMG_2815 Assa_Ashuach_at_2D3DIMG_2814 Assa_Ashuach_at_2D3DIMG_2813 Assa_Ashuach_at_2D3DIMG_2812

Assa_Ashuach_at_2D3DIMG_2811 Assa_Ashuach_at_2D3DIMG_2810



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