Product Design

We design products from conceptualising to prototyping and manufacturing. Key to this process is a focus on the future user needs and clients vision, together with a deep understanding of new manufacturing processes and CMF (Colour, material & Finish). We have developed a wide range of products using additive manufacturing, hybrid processes as well as mass production manufacturing. Products developed included mobile phones, shaving devices, footwear, jewellery, stationary and more.

Over the years, we have been working closely with companies’ R&D and business innovation units as well as products development departments. Clients include Samsung, Nike, Panasonic, Amazon and IDEO among others.

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Portable Speakers case study

Designed for Hybrid manufacturing, a combination of MM+AM (mass and additive manufacturing) this object is made of bio polymers that are fully recycled and recyclable, reducing the product carbon foot print dramatically.

Designing for ‘Hybrid Manufacturing’ 

We design products to take advantage of both mass + additive manufacturing. We pay extra attention to sustainability, circularity and environmental aspects and are working hard with the brands to find the balance between environmental impact and R&D risk taking.

We have developed a hybrid manufacturing approach that is keeping the product intelligence ‘protected’ while allowing for user input, personalisation and sometimes home or local 3D printing of free ‘hackable’ parts

Speakers interchangeable & recyclable parts

We have designed the portable speakers to be manufactured in two sections; the product chassis and panels. The product chassis is mass manufactured using plastic injection of noble and durable materials and finishing while the panels are additive manufactured (3D printed) using highly recycled and recyclable bio polymers.

Product design, CMF (colour, material and finish) & ergonomics examples

Most of our client led product design projects remain confidential. For more projects examples please visit our WORK section