We are a London-based product design and Industrial research consultancy focused on the trilogy of 3D digital design, new production processes and user experience. We have worked closely with large consumer brands innovation units such as Nike, Panasonic and Samsung to investigate the future of digital fabrication, autonomous design methodologies, co-design, object material optimisation and colour and finish. Key to our process is a focus on clients’ needs and vision, together with a deep understanding of new manufacturing processes and a particular focus on all forms of Additive Manufacturing technologies and developments.

Structure & Optimisation

Image of  the STEM 45° – Bio inspired autonomous design methodology. The STEM 45° generative technology was designed based upon the development of an algorithm that digitally mimics the growing bio logic of the Phyllostachys breed of bamboo.

Product design

We design products from conceptualising to prototyping and manufacturing. Key to this process is a focus on the future user needs and clients vision, together with a deep understanding of new manufacturing processes and CMF (Colour, material & Finish)

Co Design

In the early 2000’s, Assa Ashuach developed the concept of Digital Forming®, a 3D software that enables designers to create ‘3D openness within safe bounders’. This software allows product personalisation and reconfiguration within safe user experience online, connecting the trilogy of user, designer and manufacturer.

Bone & Maxillofacial

Industrial Research

Colour, Material & Finish

Hybrid Manufacturing

Economic & Social Impact