Venturi stool wood

Produced as a one off by Assa Ashuach Studio in London, the Venturi stool shape is driven and inspired by the the Venturi physical effect; ‘A jet effect, as with a funnel the velocity of the fluid increases as the cross sectional area decreases’

The Venturi stool was design using a set of 3D design software. Its long curves are restrained by the splines curvature continuity. A 3D file is then being sent to drive the CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control) sculpting the object by material removal using a robotic arm with a high speed spinning blade. The first Venturi wood was then formed, based on the CNC wood model, we made the mould and casted the first Ventuiri stool GRP collection

See our Venturi Stool GRP produced as an edition of selected colours and finishes – GO TO project

At a warm dust free painting environment we heat up the paint room to 70 degrees, and backing the paint so that it bonds and create an evenly thick coat. We repeat this process after sanding and making the zero smooth surface. The object is then finishes with layers of clear lacquer at a high temperature. The final object is then polished with layers of wax, to get a perfect shine finish.