100% wax vanishing candles for the daily, weekly & seasonally use

Project development text for the ‘To Go’ exhibition at the Israel Museum.

Exhibition curated by Sharon Weiser-Ferguson.

‘Assa Ashuach designed these wax candles for the ‘To Go’ traveller exhibition at the Israel museum: they disappear after use, a traveller need only take the number of candles required for each night of Hanukkah, thus eliminating unnecessary objects. Ashuach offers another option in which the traveller pours the wax directly into a mould to make his or her own candles — the exact number necessary for Hanukkah or Shabbat.’

My challenge was to design a Chanukkiah for a day. It is designed as 8 daily portions – day one is made of two candles and day three is made of four etc…  I have merged the candle with its candle holder, reducing the object down to its essential function.

Jewish ritual objects are mostly made of precious materials and I have decided to work with wax only.  As the wax on its own is perceived as a low value material, my design challenge was to increase the object perceived value through its from and sculptural presence.

The candle was merged with the candle holder, they become one. It is a structural design that supports the fragile wax from the base to a slim top. As the wax is melting, it will slide down through the concave channels and all the way towards the base rounded reservoirs that will collect the melted wax.

These group of objects where designed today to support the daily, weekly and seasonally use of candles in our lives. From lighting up a candle on the dinner table or for the ceremonial Shabbat, its shape projects a symbolic value and without a need for material value. It is there when you need it, and disappear when you don’t.

Designed by Assa Ashuach for the Israel Museum 2018

Images from the museum space