Upica Sofa Upholstered Leather

The Upica sofa is upholstered with a very fine and durable leather, its core is made of lightweight GRP composite. The design focuses on the tight relationship between the physical and the visual structure. This object was carefully designed to create structural strength while keeping the essential sculptural elements. The result is a thin and light structure, different from each angle you look at it.

Designed by Assa Ashuach in the mid 2000’s, the Upica sofa questions tradition. The technology helps us simplifying design, stripping this object to its bear essentials . It is made of four lines that create a slim and self supported surface.

U-Pica Mat®

The upholstered Upica sofa core is made of a unique combination of GRP reinforced U-Pica Mat®. U-Pica Mat® is a low density, non woven continuous strand laminate containing approximately forty-five percent of airy micro-balloons. Together with the GRP the micro-balloons create a solid micro structure that uses minimum material whilst achieving maximum strength.

GRP moulding and casting process