Pelt Origami footwear are part of the Evolve Footwear Collection

Full project visuals, process and text description coming soon…

Pelt Origami footwear, are designed to be easily repaired and reused. They are made of rescued and recycled materials, and with elements made of biopolymers, that are from renewable sources.

The Pelt Origami, are fabricated by FDM 3D printing, flat on the machine, bed, and only then folded to a 3D shape.

We have designed two solutions, one if fully 2.5D and the other is a hybrid approach of both 2D and 3D elements.

The project was designed and engineered by Assa Ashuach at Assa Studio Limited in London.

The project was awarded EU research funding as part of the S+T+ARTS ReFream project.

Project In collaboration with Haratech in Austria.

Some CMF experiments – Colour, material and finish