The Osteon Chair

Designed in 2004 and produced in 2005, the Osteon Chair was created using a combination of 3D tools and artificial intelligence, resulting in an internal optimised structure. This was the first time the notion of bespoke internal porosity was introduced, before the concept of ‘infill’ became known in the industry.

Produced by EOS laser sintering, the chair consists of a cosmetic skin and an intelligent internal structure. Inspired by the biological structure and mechanism of bone, the artificial intelligence software knows where to create sufficient support, achieving optimum strength whilst maintaining the desired visual aesthetic.

In this project we have managed to optimise the objects internal porosity and reduce the internal support structure to only a 1/3 amount of the anticipated material usage.

The Osteon chair is an intelligent product that growing in free space with an artificial intelligence ‘DNA’ code. This code contains all the information required to ensure that the object will transform perfectly from a virtual design into a real 3D object that achieves the optimum strength whilst maintaining the desired visual aesthetic.

The Osteon chair was designed and engineered by Assa Ashuach in London and today is a part of the Design Museum Barcelona permanent collection.

With thanks to my business partners Dr Sia Mahadavi, Dr Tony Ruto and Dr Hooman Shayani formally Complex Matters, today Withn Autodesk. The production was kindly supported by our Sponsors EOS