Lemon Squeezer forms collection

The Lemon Squeezer designed to sit on a dining table with a half of a lemon on top of it ready to be squeezed. This is the first of a collection of tabletop Lemon Squeezers that are designed to be part of the table service. Assa’s Lemon Squeezer was firstly shown at London Science Museum as part of the launch of the digital forming technology showing for the first time shape changing 3d modifiable products designed by Assa and powered by his Digital Forming co designing technology

DMLS additive manufacturing – Direct Metal Sintering Technology wildly known as the higher end of 3D printing 

Here we worked with our production partners 3TRPD to experiment and create a collection of tableware made 100% titanium. this is a beautiful mineral with fantastic qualities, that still remains very expensive to use.

Photography by Jon Vickers