The Helix Earrings

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A tactile and flexible spiral loop that is soft to the skin, light and comfortable to wear. Its colourful and amorphous lines were carefully designed to create a playful yet elegant aesthetics. It is extremely lightweight and structurally durable while keeping the essential sculptural elements visually pleasant. The result is a streamlined and fluid form, different from each angle you look at it.

The Helix earrings studs are made Sterling Silver
Overall Helix earring outer size is 25x25mm

This object’s linear pattern was designed with a mix of hand sketching and unique 3D scripting tools, giving us full control over this complex and flexible shape. We can zoom in and work from very close to the object surface to achieve the perfect balance between flexibility, durability and aesthetics.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a 3D Printing technique that uses the heat of a high power laser to bind particles of powdered material together for the creation of a solid structure.

Nylon Polyamide 12 is a high performance polymer. It has outstanding physical properties and it is mainly used in automotive, aeronautic, sport, and textile applications. It was optimized to be used for laser sintering material. The helix elastic behaviour comes from the PA12 material natural flexibility and mechanical properties.

The design development starts in our London studio using a unique set of 3D software technology and scripting. Once the digital model is ready, we send it to our UK & EU trusted additive manufacturing (3D printing) partners.

We manufacture our products using high end 3D printing technology, within the European market and closer to customers. This avoids overseas shipping and reduces storage needs drastically. We strive to be as environmentally sustainable as possible