Femur Stool

Firstly exhibited at London Design Museum in 2013, this project is based on an algorithm that removes any redundant material according to stress zones on the object’s surface. An optimisation process allows to constrain the amount material used in order to achieve a light and economical form. Produced by laser sintering, we managed to achieve a faster production time and save material and energy by reducing laser mileage.

This object’s shape is inspired by the human femur bone structure and provides support that is optimised to 120KG. If you change the sitting load, the object’s form will change to accommodate and adjust its performance.

The Fermur Stool is part of the permanent collection at the Design Museum in London.

With thanks to our sponsors: 3T RPD, our manufacturing partners for the SLS digital manufacturing and post processing and Altair inspire for the mathematics and FEA simulation.