AI light

Designed and produced in 2006 by Assa Ashuach Studio in London, the AI light has an artificial intelligence brain that senses space through light and infrared motion sensors. Using a biologically inspired mechanism, this structure morphs and generates new behaviours adapted to your personal space. When you first invite it into your home, you have to let it get accustomed to its new environment. Once it is relaxed, the training can begin. Its sensors track changes in its environment and the light slowly develops a specific set of behaviours, moving in specific ways and pace. The user is also able to interact with the light by playing with it through movements and light. This smart structure may behave in unpredictable ways if moved to an unfamiliar space.

One of the revolutionary aspects in this project is introducing the notion of ‘training’ over ‘controlling’ products. There are no buttons or remote control, the product develops its behaviours by adapting to its environment.

Designed by Assa Ashuach, the AI light was firstly exhibited at London design week 2007 at Rabih Hage Gallery in Sloane Avenue, London