Assa will give a talk at the PD+I conference on Thursday 21th May at 9:30 am.

Venue: America Square Conference Centre

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Talk topic and abstract:

‘User informed objects’ a shift in the order of use

Consumers can now connect directly to designers. It is a shift from consumer to user to partner.   We are designing 3D interactive products to be ‘Open’ or ‘Unlocked’ for user co-designing online.  The user is in the center of what we do. It is about the notion of ‘In Touch’ and how can we stay ‘In Touch’ with our user communities.  Using 3D algorithms and personal data streams, we can now capture user behavior patterns and ergonomic characteristics. Over time we can study our users and propose better products and services with enhanced performance and better fit.
‘Open within boundaries’ the Digital Forming technology.
Introducing the notion of ‘Open within boundaries’ and the Digital Forming technology, a novel two sided 3D communication platform whereby the designer designs both the product and its 3D user experience as an integral and essential part of the product design process. An embeddable interactive file is then presented to the user with its own predesigned boundaries and freedoms, defining the user co designing experience.
‘We should own less but with more value’ – ’Things we own need to perform better for us’

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