Our new Evolutionary footwear at the grand opening of Dubai Museum Of Future

Very happy to take part in this great exhibition curated by Gonzalo Herrero, for the grand opening of the new Dubai Museum Of Future. The show featured the most advanced innovations in technology, industrial design, robotics and transportation, from leading companies and inventors today.

Photos credit Museum Of future Dubai, If you are in Dubai, visit the Tomorrow today exhibition at the museum here: https://museumofthefuture.ae/en/exhibits/tomorrow-today

The Evolve project was awarded ReFream and STARTS EU research funding.

The project was conceived and led by Assa Ashuach of Assa Studio Limited in collaboration with Stratasys, Profactor and Haratech

More about our awarded Evolutionary footwear project here: https://re-fream.eu/pioneers/footwear-time-based-design/

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