Join us at the Global Fashion Conference, Nov 17 & 18, 2022

Assa will present the evolve footwear collection. Project funded by the EU ReFream award, with many thanks.

GFC – Global Fashion Conference is deeply committed to the promotion of a sustainable model of development. GFC aims at becoming carbon neutral by 2030.


Image of Evolve footwear, photography by Alexander Kent

The Evolve Footwear – Time based design

EU awarded research as part of the S+T+ARTS ReFream project

The Evolve Footwear, a biometric evolutionary footwear.

Shoes and midsoles that studies its user and improves over time.

We propose a new evolutionary design approach, whereby user sensors biometric data is collected over time, Achieving a gradual improvement of the shoe.

Designed and engendered by Assa Ashuach of Assa Studio limited in London.

Project In collaboration with Stratasys

Multi material, colour and density Polyjet 3D printing

Photography by Alexander Kent

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