Israel Museum ‘To Go’ exhibition

To Go Exhibition was curated by Sharon Weiser-Ferguson and is now open at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

I was very happy to take part in this wonderfully curated and designed exhibition and here is some text from the show catalogue:

‘Assa Ashuach designed these wax candles with ecology in mind: because they disappear after use, a traveler need only take the number of candles required for each night of Hanukkah, thus eliminating unnecessary objects. Ashuach offers another option in which the traveler pours the wax directly into a mold to make his or her own candles — the exact number necessary for Hanukkah or Shabbat.’

Below are some images from the design process. For the full project text and body of work please visit our WORK section

Israel Museum Link Follow the link for the Israel Museum exhibition location and opening times 


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