Interior & Exterior material optimisation, the Osteon chair 2004 to Femur stool 2013

two new movies on you tube. the Osteon chair was designed by Assa in 2004 and was the first chair to be fully designed and produced using polyamide SLS, today known as 3D printing. watch the movie for the compleet process illustration. the Osteon chair interior porosity was optimised using an Ai algorithm, the final objects was using only 1/3 amount of the anticipated material usage.
Project sponsored by EOS and Complex Matters

Exterior optimisation, the Femur stool was designed using a new algorithm that removes any redundant material according to stress zones on the object surface. Produced by laser sintering (3D printing), the object shape is driven from the mathematical intelligence of the human bone formation and is optimised to carry a load of 120 Kg. If you change the load conditions the object shape will change.
Project sponsored by 3T RPD and Altair

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