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Assa Ashuach Studio

Digital Forming ® ltd

UCODO™ ltd

Assa Ashuach Studio was Founded in London 2003 the studio focuses on three main areas:

Product Design and manufacturing of lighting, furniture and lifestyle products

Research and Consultancy within the progressive digital design and manufacturing methods, specialising in the polyamide materials and the wide range of the additive layers manufacturing technologies, offering coding of dedicated 3D design and engineering tools as part of the studio unique and innovative methodologies.

Self production of limited edition studio pieces, using new design and production methods to achieve unique forms and aesthetic qualities

The studio today includes a network of highly skilled specialists from the design, science and manufacturing sectors, using dedicated 3D software development, electronics and engineering as an integrated part of its design methodologies and philosophy.

Assa Ashuach has founded Digital Forming® together with Nicolas De Cordes. Lisa Harouni and Siavash Mahadavi has joind to form Digital Forming® and UCODO™.

The two London based companies are set to democratise the personalisation of everyday products; introducing the notion of ODO – Original Designed Object and CODO – Co Designed Object, using a set of innovative 3D software solutions for online customisation and shape modification of designed objects. Digital forming was awarded government funding and was invited to show at London’s Science Museum’s 100 years anniversary featuring ‘the future of manufacturing’ showing for the first time shape changing 3d modifiable products designed by Assa for

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