Assa will be giving a keynote at the 7th International Conference on Additive Manufacturing Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th July 2

Assa’s keynote title: ‘User informed objects’ – A shift in the order of use

Assa was invited to design the tropphy for the winner of the casino night at the conference late night party…. AM Produced by 3TRPD,  images will follow.

Read the abstract: 

‘Open within boundaries’ the Digital Forming technology.

 Introducing the notion of ‘Open within boundaries’ products as files and the ‘Digital Forming’ technology file formats ODO – Original Designed Object and CODO – CO Designed Object, a novel two sided communication platform has been devised whereby the designer [the creator of the ODO] designs both the product and the product user experience as an integral and essential part of the product design process. An ODO file is presented to a user with its own product GUI (Graphical User Interface) within a set of built-in rules and behaviours.

‘We should own less but with more value’ – ’Things we own need to perform better for us’

The Digital Forming concept and notion of objects ‘open within boundaries’ was introduced by Assa Ashuach in his research fellowship at London Metropolitan University in 2005. The Digital Forming concept and workflow was created based on the assumption that 3D objects are fundamentally a line of code, a code that can be stored, embedded and rendered as a ‘virtual open product’(open as an ‘Unlocked’) while the fundamental functional parts are ‘locked’ and protected, ensuring full functionality of the end product. The reconfigured product can then be sent to production using the wide range of the additive layer manufacturing within the ‘postcode (local) manufacturing network’ in the city landscape.

Adding the element of TIME the new ‘Training Objects’ technology

‘Harnessing user’s selective and collective consciousness, the optimisation of products through the processing of user behaviour patterns’…

The training objects technology and IP development is part of Ashuach’s ongoing design and manufacturing research streams. Here, user’s personal data is being collected in real time and harnessed into a feed of essential information. Personal sensor data is streamed into a predesigned 3D virtual, production ready objects. These virtual objects are ‘living’ and evolving in a ‘virtual object incubator’ based upon the live stream of personal data, an essential user information envelope is being created. This live stream of personal user data is driving the objects evolution, adaptation and optimisation. The object will be connected to its essential stream of user sensor data, learning its behaviour patterns and ergonomic characteristics. With time this object will adopt and develop better performance with a better fit to its owner future user.

This new design methodology introduces a shift In the order of use, where the user input and selections are transformed into essential elements, informing the functions and aesthetics of the user future object to be. The notion of ‘User informed objects’ introduces not only a design thinking inverse but the technology which enables the embedding of users personal data in a phase of the ‘no object’ or the ‘object abstract’.

7th International Conference on Additive Manufacturing Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th July 2 – URL:

assa ashuach image

assa ashuach image

assa ashuach image

assa ashuach image


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