Assa Loop light for

rendering of the light geometry

The Loop light was firstly shown at London’s Science
Museum as part of the first shape changing – CO Designed collection for using the digital forming technology.

Co Design proposing that the designer design
objects that are open for the user – co designer to change, manipulate and personalise
within the designer pre defined set of boundaries.

Democratisation of Personal Objects

Digital Forming ltd set up in November 2008 by four partners from the science,
creative and business sectors-
was awarded government funding in May 2009 to develop the vision of an online
platform for the Mass Customisation and Co Creation of personal designed

Assa Co-founded Digital Forming® and UCODO™. The two London based companies are
set to democratise the personalisation of everyday products; introducing the
notion of ODO – Original Designed Object and CODO – Co Designed Object, using a
set of innovative 3D software solutions for online customisation and shape
modification of designed objects. Digital forming was awarded government
funding and was invited to show at London’s Science Museum’s 100 years
anniversary featuring ‘the future of manufacturing’ showing for the first time
shape changing 3d modifiable products designed by Assa for 
(For more about the companies and partners please visit Digital and

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