Assa Ashuach as part of the Design Museum ‘The future is here’ show opening july 23rd curated by Alex Newson

“It might be difficult to predict the future, but what seems clear is the fact that the pace of technological progress is increasing exponentially, and the evolution we can expect in the next two years, is likely to be no less significant than the progress we have seen in the last ten years”

Assa Ashuach

The new Femur Stool,

in this project we used a new algorithm that removes any redundant material according to stress zones on the object surface. An optimisation of the exterior and material use was made to archive a light and economical form. produced by laser sintering, we managed to achieve a faster production time and energy save by reducing the laser millage and distance to the final object layer.

‘Femur on Femur’ like the internal human femur, this object shape follow the internal human bone structure and providing support that is optimised to a 120KG – if you change the siting load, the object form will change to accommodate and adjust performance. This object shaping is driven from the mathematical intelligence of the human bone formation.

With thanks to our sponsors:

Altair inspire, for the mathematics and FEA simulation –

3T RPD our manufacturing partners for the SLS digital manufacturing and post processing –

The Femur stool was designed and data engineered by Assa Ashuach Studio in London


Assa_Ashuach_Femur_Stool_2013 (1 selected)

Assa_Ashuach_Femur_stool_process (4)
Assa_Ashuach_Femur_stool_process (01)Assa_Ashuach_Femur_stool_process (2)

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