Aram Gallery show curated by Héloïse Parke, Send to Print / Print to Send, open to the publick 13th January 25th February 2012

A show curated by Héloïse Parke at the Aram Gallery 13th January 25th February 2012

we will be showing some new objects together with some objects made in new materials, colaborating with manufacturers Enrico Dini of Dinitech, Objet and Carl Brancher of Material Solutions.

some text from me,

A shift in the order of use – User Informed Objects

In the past several years we have seen a faster technology adoption and a transformation of some traditional values and taboos. The Design and industrial community can recognise that some benefits can lead us into an industrial reality upgrade.

An industrial evolution is happening at several layers of the design process; we can now input the user personal data profile and selections, digitally into the predesigned 3D object before it is physically manufactured. This can

happen in real-time as a virtual co-designing experience or in a passive way in a form of education and product learning patterns. The elements of ‘time’ and ‘object training’ are becoming essential ingredients in the product design and in the developing of new design methodologies.

My research and practice is very much about the innovation and development of new industrial design methodologies. In the center of my development is the digital object as file, and the ‘life’ of an object as a virtual object, before it is physically produced. This is the key difference and maybe the most novel aspect of my practice. Aesthetics, adaptation and reconfiguration of forms, are elements in flux within this new way of designing.

I developed the Digital Forming as a two sided technology that provides the user with an access into an ‘open’ (as with no boundaries) predesigned virtual object that can accommodate the users input in a beneficial way. Objects can be conformed, reconfigured and shape changed within the boundaries set by the designer. It is about designing the object together with the users’ experience of the object, and where objects do not exist as isolated entities but are evolving within a connected city landscape. The city is becoming a connected, production and exchange environment, where a new form of partnership is evolving between the user, developer, designer and manufacturer.

Assa Ashuach

Assa Ashuach at Aram Gallery 2012

Assa Ashuach at Aram Gallery 2012

Assa Ashuach at Aram Gallery 2012

Assa Ashuach at Aram Gallery 2012

assa ashuach lemon squeezer 3D print metal

Assa Ashuach lemon squeezer 3D printed metal at Material Solutions

assa ashuach objects 3d print metal at Material Solutions




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