Ai stool at Moss gallery Design Miami 09

assa ai stoll at moss gallery design miami 09

The AI Stool.mgx for materialise mgx, designed to carry a load of 120kg on a sitting surface at a height of 40cm. The challenge was to design a form with the minimum volume required for a seat and then instruct the AI software to calculate the required support.
The AI stool top layer designed to be soft and cushiony.  How can softness be simulated in the virtual environment? One of the great successes of this project was to generate and analyse virtual softness.
Reduce carbon footprint,
The AI software used in this collaboration works rather like finite element analysis [FEA] in reverse. An ideal set of end results were formulated as the starting point and the optimal structure was created by working backwards to achieve that goal. The final outcome met all of the mechanical requirements while only using 1/3 of the anticipated material!

We are now in a process of finalising DIGITAL FORMING® a revolutionary new digital production network that rather than sending a box will send a digital file over the web to the consumer close production facilities. It is the notion of postcode manufacturing that will change products carbon footprint dramatically.

A veggie material is already in development and hopefully will be introduced by EOS the German laser sintering manufacturer in the near future. With this new veggie polymer and DIGITAL FORMING® the postcode manufacturing network consumers could get their products produced locally made bespoke from recyclable biodegradable materials.

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