80% Air, assa exhibition at Galleria Gracis milano, opening Tuesday 15th

The new Bon Bon light is the first object to be shape modified / Co-designed by users in the gallery.

we will send the co-designed objects live from the gallery space to production using the digital forming® technology. Objects will be delivered to the users home within two weeks 🙂

Invited by Pier Giorgio and Luca Gracis of Galleria Gracis, the show will be open over the Asian Art Milano.

Located in the hart of the Brera district in Milano, is the beautiful Galleria Gracis, sits within a 50’s design by architect Luigi Vietti. The exhibition is set up in 200 sqm and will feature a selection of new objects together with some of Assa’s early work.

Privet view Tuesday 17-21:00 with invitation only

Show opening times: 10-13:00 15:00-19:00 monday saturday closing date 26 02 2011 (see contacts below)


During the Milan Salone in April, dates 11-17th we will open a show dedicated to the notion of ‘CO-design’ and the playing with objects. this is promised to be a genuine insight into something that was never bean seen before.  

stay tuned for news about the april show in milan…


The new BonBon light, you co-design with me…

See the co-designed objects of the original next –

assa ashuach bon bon light co design

the BonBon light in the digital forming CODO app (co designed object)

assa ashuach bon bon light in the codo application - co design objects

Bon Bon light selected positions 

assa ashuach bon bon light co design


the gallery…


assa ashuach at galleria gracis milano

80% Air – inside the gallery…

assa ashuach loop light table at 80% Air show milan march 2011

assa ashuach at gallery gracis milano


assa ashuach 80% Air exhibition milan march 2011

assa ashuach 80% Air a show in milano 2011

the bon bon light projected ready for personalisation in the 80% Air show space…

assa bon bon light in the Co design software


Galleria Gracis

di Pier Giorgio e Luca Gracis 

via S.Simpliciano 6 – 20121 Milano

tel. +39 02 877 807 




for more information please contact




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